Botto’s Bakery Outlet in Portland, Maine

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Botto's Italian Sandwich Rolls

Botto’s Bakery Italian Sandwich Rolls

I’ve driven by Botto’s Bakery on Washington Ave in Portland hundreds of times.  I noticed a storefront, but it never seemed to be open and I couldn’t see any posted hours from my car.

Recently, my daily walks have taken me by the bakery and by that storefront.  When I saw a sign that said “Outlet Open Monday-Friday til 10 AM, closed Tuesday,” I made a point of timing my next walk so I could check the place out.  Oh boy.

If you don’t already know, Botto’s makes the best Italian sandwich rolls in Southern Maine.  Micucci’s doesn’t always have them in stock and Smaha’s at Legion Square in South Portland is quite a hike from me.  At the Botto’s outlet a mere ten minute walk from my house?  An extremely fresh 6 pack for $2.50.

They have a pretty large selection of breads and treats.  I’ve tried the light rye (is this what Colucci’s uses?), and the golden Italian loaf.  Last week I bought two blueberry muffins which were very large and rich.  The raspberry filled cookie got a thumbs up.  I still have to try the almond biscotti and raspberry fried pie/danish looking thing.

There are a couple of tables inside if you want to sit down with some coffee and a goodie.

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